Anyone for Tea?

Year 6 pupils at Milford Primary School offered the perfect 'silver' service at a recent event.
They entertained and provided afternoon tea for over 60 parents, grandparents and friends.
The event was set up by Milford Baptist Church and hosted in the School Hall.

Entertainment was provided by all years and included action songs, rhymes and instrumentalists.
The School Band performed tunefully and beautiful voices from the choir filled the hall.     

At the end of the Tea
the 'leftovers'
were enjoyed by the children.


One boy wished for a piece of flapjack.
His wish was granted.
The lady who gave it to him was later stopped by the boy's elder sister who promptly gave her a jaffa cake as a  thank you for serving her younger brother with the last piece of flapjack!

"The children were lovely. What a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon!"