The children at Milford Primary School were involved in a workshop, held at MBC in November, about understanding skills to deal with relationships.

The workshop called, ‘PeaceBuilders’ was led by a team from Valley CIDS1 and looked at 3 themes.

  • Peace within ourselves
  • Peace in the community
  • Peace in the world

Peace within ourselves
Pupils reflected upon their emotions and considered how these can affect our behaviour. They learnt that Christians believe that peace is not only a gift from God but that it is something which we can work at, particularly, when we feel angry or frustrated.

Peace in the community:
The story of the Good Samaritan illustrates kindness to an enemy and children explored the importance of treating other people in the way we want to be treated ourselves.

Peace in the world:
Children considered what things spoil our world and prevent it being peaceful: war, fear, famine, bullying, pollutions, loneliness, name calling, being selfish.

Each child took home a keepsake reminding them of the words of St Francis of Assisi asking God to make him a channel of God’s peace.

1Christians in Derbyshire Schools