Open the Book

Open the Book is an activity for children in primary schools which dramatise stories from the Bible using drama, readings and music. Each week a class of pupils from Milford Primary School come over to the church to watch a presentation given by our OTB Team which is hands on, enjoyable and fun.

The picture below is from a recent session. 
We think maybe one of the cardboard figures, on the way to Milford, asked the two other kings:
"What carol is sung in the desert?" 
"O camel ye faithful!"
and when they didn't laugh he got the hump and went back east and so Marge had to help out.

If you want to see a children's version of the story or a lovely version for adults of Leonard Cohen's 'Hallelujah' then click on the links below:

The team have introduced puppet theatre into their meetings.
As you can see below children enjoyed an animated version of Jesus healing the man who was lame. The story highlighted the importance of friends - it was through their love and determination that got the man to this place which would transform the rest of his life.