The Father of Christmas

‘Ho … Ho … Ho ...’ Research into these words reveals that they are associated with warmth and old age, both of which fit Father Christmas’ image perfectly. The words themselves mean nothing except they represent a deep throated laughter and joy. Probably nearly everyone in the UK today, regardless of their religious belief, would know about the white bearded, present-bringing, jolly figure called Father Christmas, or Santa Claus. He turns up at many Christmas gatherings, bringing gifts for all, especially the children, and risks his life every year clambering up onto roofs and climbing down chimneys.

For many millions of people, Father Christmas has become one of the major focal points of all the decorations and festivities of the season. Children are encouraged to write letters to him, and to send him a list of all the presents they want. They are instructed to behave, to go to sleep quietly on Christmas Eve, only to awake early the next morning, excited and expectant to see what Santa has brought them.

Christians have become increasingly saddened and disturbed by the overwhelming secularisation and commercialisation of the Christmas period. Father Christmas is more popular, well known and loved than is the Lord Jesus Christ. We are rapidly returning to the old pagan, idolatrous, winter solstice festivities.

But it is HIS Birthday Celebration and without the Lord Jesus there would be no Christmas at all.

In perhaps the majority of households, Jesus is excluded; pushed out of sight into the darkness behind the brash baubles of the Christmas tree; ignored behind the mountains of gaudily wrapped Christmas presents; hidden by the millions of twinkling, brilliantly lighted Christmas decorations; excluded from all the Christmas fun and festivities; and obscured by the discarded Christmas packaging awaiting disposal.

Some secular humanists grumble that, ‘The church is trying to get into Christmas’ and ask the question, ‘What has Christmas got to do with the church?’ They are clearly taking a very dangerous stand against the Creator of all things, the Lord God Himself. In reality, the truth is, for those who really want to know:

the Father of Christmas is the Lord God Almighty

God saw the confusion, the violence, the self-centred catastrophic mess that men and women get themselves into when they ignore His great love and disobey His good commandments ~ but He continued to love those He had created and planned a way for them to be re-united with Himself and to know His forgiveness, peace and joy, both in this life and for eternity.

“God loved the world so much that He gave His only Son ..”

This resulted in His Son, our Lord Jesus, descending from His glory in heaven, taking on human flesh and blood, being born to a poor carpenter and his wife and being laid in an animal feeding trough in Bethlehem. That Baby grew to be a Man, who was put to death on a cruel cross, not because of His own sinfulness for He had done nothing wrong, but He took our place, receiving our punishment so we might know forgiveness and peace with God.

“..that whoever believes in Him will not die, but have everlasting life … ”

Unlike Santa Claus, the gift that the true Father of Christmas gives to all who receive Him, does not fade away, is not easily broken or worn out, cannot be stolen or lost, and never becomes boring or tarnished. This forgiveness and peace with God, is truly a new life, free from sin, darkness, anxiety and fear, and is for the whole of this life here on earth and for the whole of eternity, in the glorious presence of the Lord God Himself. It will never end, or get stale, or lose its value. That is the meaning of Christmas.

Do you know the Father of Christmas?   Have you received His gift of new life through His Son?

I pray that you will know the great joy of walking with our Lord Jesus this Christmas

Ron Brickman