The Rainbow

The rainbow has become the enduring symbol of the Covid -19 pandemic, representing the grateful response of the nation to the life-saving work of our National Health Service, care workers and key workers. Pictures and posters depicting the 7 colours of the rainbow, some professionally produced and some the artwork of children, have been displayed in the windows of many thousands of homes, shops and schools throughout the country.

The first account of a rainbow being seen in history, is recorded in God’s Word, the Bible. Just after God brought judgement on the sin and rebellion of men and women through the worldwide flood, the Lord God Almighty said, “I have set My rainbow in the clouds as a sign of My covenant. Never again will the waters become a flood to destroy all life.”

Whenever we see a rainbow, all those beautiful colours in the sky formed by sunlight reflected through the raindrops, it reminds us of the Lord God’s almighty power … His righteousness and His judgement but also His love … His grace and His mercy. The 7 colour rainbow is a sign of deliverance.

In the beauty of the rainbow, we see the truth of God. He does, and He will, judge and punish sin and disobedience, but He also loves and forgives those who repent of their sin. Noah and his family were the only people who obeyed God and put their trust in His promises. Just as God kept Noah and his family secure and alive through the dreadful judgement of the flood, in the protection of the ark, so the Lord keeps safe today and in the future, those who ask Him to forgive their sin and who are trusting in the Lord Jesus and in His death on the cross as their substitute. They will not come under judgement for sin.

In other places in the Bible we read about the Lord God Almighty seated on His throne in glory:

“Like the appearance of a rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day, so was the radiance around Him”

“He sat on the throne … and a rainbow encircled the throne”

A royal throne speaks to us of power and authority. The throne of the Lord God Almighty is a judgement throne, but also a throne of mercy, grace and forgiveness. The beautiful rainbow surrounding His throne in heaven reminds us of the Lord’s wonderful promises and covenant love to those who turn to Him and cry for help and deliverance:

“Righteousness and justice are the foundation of Your throne;

love and faithfulness go before You”

The Bible also tells us that one day, each of us individually, will stand before the throne of God and will have to give an account for the lives we have lived. True, believing Christians will “approach the throne of grace with boldness and confidence and will receive grace and mercy” from the Lord. But we also read that there will be many people who will want to run away to the rocks and caves in the mountains and try to hide from the face of the Lord God Who sits on the throne in His magnificent glory.

When you see the 7 colour rainbow, remember the throne of God, His covenant of love and His promise of grace and forgiveness for those who sincerely turn to Him in humility. Do not run away and try to hide.

Ron Brickman