5. Can You Now See Beyond The Dark Glass?

Back in church, the service is over and as you step outside a butterfly lands on your sleeve - a few months ago it had the body of a caterpillar. Do you see beyond the dark glass? As you walk back to the car park, in front of you is a colourful blanket of flowers - a few months earlier they were just seeds buried in the ground. Do you see beyond the dark glass? As mourners left the hill on Calvary did they see beyond the dark glass?

The deepest conviction of the Christian is to know that Jesus is right. Faith may involve certain beliefs. Faith may be about a future hope. But, in the end, faith is about trusting a person. Trust Jesus in your daily life and you won’t have to worry about faith.

For I know.

God firmly reassures us with these words. 

No problem, no worries, no fears because, I know and faith is the gift that allows us to say back to God “Absolutely!”